Hydrologic forecasts powered by HydroGeoSphere™

Copernicus Sentinel Data 2019


Stream gauge


Streamflow forecasts at real and virtual gauging stations.

Depth to groundwater


Field-scale mapping of depth-to-groundwater.

NDVI - Copernicus Sentinel Data 2019

Satellite Imagery

Satellite imagery and maps of current conditions.

Forecast spread


Ensemble simulations show you the best- and worst-case scenarios.




  • Access 7-day probabilistic forecasts for models covering Southern Ontario
  • Overlay weather radar and snow water equivalent map layers
  • See the big picture by overlaying daily MODIS satellite imagery
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  • All of the individual user features
  • Add synthetic gauge stations to existing models
  • Download 10-m satellite imagery
  • Order 1-m satellite imagery on demand
  • Trigger 18-hour or 60-hour deterministic forecasts on demand
  • Sign up for streamflow alerts
  • Access to paid developer support
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  • Work with Aquanty to build a custom HydroGeoSphere forecasting model for your site and host it on our secure app
  • Manage individual user access to your model domains
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HydroGeoSphere is a class-leading hydrological prediction system that simulates the entire terrestrial portion of the hydrologic cycle. It uses a globally-implicit approach to simultaneously solve the 2D diffusion-wave equation and the 3D form of Richards’ equation. HGS is supported by a long history of academic publications, and is suitable for diverse applications, from fractured bedrock environments to reactive contaminant transport.

Southern Ontario Model


HGS RealTime

HydroGeoSphere RealTime (HGSRT) provides fully integrated hydrologic modeling as a service. We can deliver a near-real-time representation of your organization’s site or watershed to your userbase, side-by-side with IOT monitoring and remote sensing data to give you an eye on your land and infrastructure, anywhere in the world. With HGS at its core, HGSRT provides a cost-effective all-in-one SAAS solution to help you exceed your compliance, research, and operations requirements.

Aquanty Inc.

Aquanty Inc. is a water resources science and technology firm specializing in predictive analytics, simulation and forecasting, research services, and IoT. Aquanty's diverse scientific team includes subject matter experts in hydrogeology, contaminant transport, soil physics, climate change, and applied math.

Aquanty Inc.

Southern Ontario and Beyond

We provide access to forecasts for 12 watersheds across Southern Ontario. These models were built using the latest hydrostratigraphic datasets from the Geological Survey of Canada. Contact us today about hosting your site on HGSRT.